Do-It-Yourself Garage Door Maintenance

There are a few keys to keeping your garage in good working order. The first is to perform an annual inspection of your garage door. This will help you catch any issues or problems before they get worse.

For maintaining your garage, you have two options. You can either give us a call at (623) 878-5785 to have an inspection of your garage door, or you can do-it-yourself.

If you are going to do this on your own, it is important that you are very careful. Garage doors can be extremely heavy and dangerous, and you can really hurt yourself if you are not careful. Now that our little disclaimer is out of the way, here’s what to look for…

Check the Tracks of the Garage Door

Checking the tracks of your garage door for dents or other damage is something you should definitely do. If you find any small or minor blemishes, you should be able to use a rubber hammer to pound them out. If there is major damage, then we would recommend you give us a call. We may be able to use our tools to get it fixed. At the last resort, you may have to get new tracks installed on your garage door.

Make Sure the Tracks are Level and Properly Aligned

If your tracks are not aligned and levels, then you may want to loosen the mounting brackets and tap the tracks until they are plumb with each other and slanting slightly towards the back of the garage.

Wipe Out the Tracks

You should make sure that the tracks are clear and clean from any debris. You can use a large paintbrush to remove dust and dirt, and then use a household cleaner for a deeper clean. This should get rid of anything that could damage your garage door.

Lubricate the Rollers, Tracks, and Pulleys

If you go to a local Home Depot or Lowes, you will be able to find a large assortment of different garage door lubrication sprays. These sprays can be used on your rollers, tracks, and pulleys. Not only will this ensure that your garage door works properly, it will also make your garage door a little more quiet when closing and opening.

Check All Nuts, Bolts, and Fasteners

 Yes, over time some bolts, nuts, and fasteners can become lose. Just go through each nut and bolt with your fingers to ensure everything is secure, fastened, and tight..

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