How To Handle A Garage Door Problem The Right Way

If you’re stuck with a garage door that doesn’t respond and feel frustrated about it, this is the most important page you’ll ever read.

When faced with a garage door problem, it’s very easy to lose your cool and try a thing or two in haste. You could do that if you’re really good at servicing garage doors. Otherwise, you might end up causing serious injury to yourself.

Garage doors can be fixed. If you can’t do it yourself, you can always call a garage door repair service. Back in the 90s, the problem with most garage door services is that they won’t arrive on time.

But it isn’t the case now.  Serious competition has made many garage door companies function faster and provide high quality customer service.

With that said, here’s how to handle a garage door problem the right way…

1. Analyze the issue – Even garage door repair services won’t be able to help you when you contact them if you aren’t able to describe your problem clearly.

Try to spot any dents or bumps along the metal track. Lubricate the movable parts and check if the garage door works. Make sure that there’s continuous power supply to the garage door. Look for loose nuts and bolts as well.

Once you’ve done that, note down the exact problem you are experiencing. Call a garage door service with all of this information in hand.

2. Identify the system – Try identifying the type of opener system your garage door is using. Most garage doors these days use torsion spring. But some garage door models still use the standard extension gate.

With standard extension gate openers, the problem is usually caused by broken cables and pulleys. With torsion springs, it’s even more complicated. Trying to repair a torsion spring on your own is dangerous. Calling a garage door repair service is the best option.

3. The temporary fix – Getting your door to operate manually is a temporary fix for your garage door problem. It’s very easy to turn your garage door manual.

If it’s a lubrication issue, apply a lubricant (spray) on the movable parts of the garage door. Check if the unit moves. Otherwise try the following:

With all garage doors, there’s a red cord that will hang from your opener. If you pull the cord, the opener will disconnect from the door. Once that’s done, you can start operating your garage door manually.

What not to do with garage door problems?

Acting in haste and trying to fix things yourself can be disastrous. It’s always safe to call an expert. There can be times when you’d need an urgent fix for your garage door.

Pulling the red cord that hangs near the opener will help get your garage door working. Once you do that, it’s time to call an expert garage door service and have them fix the issue for you.

It’s going to cost you money. But it’s well worth it. It’ll ensure that you don’t suffer from frequent garage door problems ever again. If you fix it yourself, the garage door is likely to malfunction in a few days or few weeks. If you consult an expert, they’ll provide a lasting solution to your problem.

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