How To Buy A Garage Door – Ultimate Garage Door Buying Guide

Are you thinking of buying a new garage door? Do you find that your garage door is falling apart? Would you like to replace your garage door with a newer unit?

Purchasing a garage door can be expensive and you’ll have to do your research before buying. If you buy the right garage door, you can expect it to last for a decade or more.

What are the benefits of purchasing a new garage door?

– Provides easier access to your garage. You don’t have to be stuck with garage door problems often like you did with your old garage door.

– It’s more secure. Most robberies occur through a garage. With a newer garage door, your garage and your home will be even more secure.

– It makes your home look even more attractive. A new garage door makes your house stand out in the neighborhood.

Where should you purchase a garage door?

A garage door can be purchased from any garage door dealer. You can find a garage door dealer by looking at Yellow Pages or searching on the internet.

The best way to purchase a new garage door is by contacting a garage door repair service. Purchasing it from a garage door repair service will ensure that you get support whenever you need.

Installation charges are expensive. But if you buy the door from the repair service, they’ll install the door for you at a lower price.

The personnel at the garage door repair service will know what brands are best. There are some brands that sell high quality products than the popular brands. A garage door repair service will help you choose a door from a high quality brand.

What kind of garage door should you buy?

There are various kinds of garage doors available in the market. Garage doors are usually made of wood, aluminum, fiberglass and steel.

Each type has its own benefit. Most customers choose a wooden or a steel door because they look more attractive, last longer and are more secure.

Here are the different types of garage doors…

1. Wooden garage doors – Wooden garage doors look natural and give your home a refreshing feel. A wooden door requires regular maintenance (every year or so) as it expands and contracts during weather changes. Most wooden garage doors range from $700 – $1100. People choose wooden garage doors because of their look and affordability.

2. Steel garage doors – Steel garage doors are one of the most preferred. The steel doors are stronger when compared to aluminum, wood or fiberglass.

If theft occurs at your neighborhood regularly, we highly recommend that you choose a steel garage door. Steel garage doors are the most secure.

Earlier, steel garage doors weren’t considered by most people because of their plain look. But now, there are lots of color options available with steel garage doors. They can actually look as attractive as wooden garage doors. A typical steel garage door would cost anywhere from $800 – $1300.

3. Fiberglass garage doors – Fiber glass garage doors are mainly chosen in oceanic climates because fiberglass is resistant to salty air. Steel and wood break down easily when exposed to salty air. So if you live near the sea, opting for a fiberglass glass door might be a wise choice. Fiberglass is extremely lightweight unlike steel.

4. Aluminum garage doors – Aluminum garage doors used to be preferred by most people in the past. But now, people don’t prefer aluminum garage doors because they are easily dented. Just like fiberglass, aluminum garage doors are lightweight The advantage with aluminum garage door is that it’s inexpensive and is resistant to rusting. An aluminum garage door might be the right choice in certain locations..

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